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This used to be protomen and ponies. Now it's cat pictures and whining.
Jul 23 '14

We had a great time seeing the protos and showing octo around our home town and we ate pancit and went to animal jungle and like five conures got on my shoes and tried to steal my shoe laces and generally we had a great day!

…and then we got home and I heard a voicemail from my dad that the only decent human being on his side of the family passed this morning

feels bad man

Jul 23 '14

How many times am I gonna say ‘im too old for this’ today?

Jul 23 '14

Ran from back of parking lot to other end of venue, got to see them do 3.5 songs, but damn. Seeing them on a huge stage in my hometown felt damn worth it.

Jul 23 '14

Wevee spent so much time in traffic and protomen are on in 15, we might miss them :(

Jul 23 '14

M E R C U R Y P O W E R M A K E U P!

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Jul 23 '14

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Jul 23 '14

time to go to the most expensive protomen show we’ve ever paid for

Jul 22 '14



Jul 21 '14

I used my new Lush hair treatment for the first time today

My hair is silky smooth and my scalp doesn’t itch for the first time in years

It is Hair Doctor and would recommend

Jul 21 '14

Oh you better not shout

you better not cry

you better not be eating a chicago style pie

Uncle Joe is coming

to town!